Sheep Creek Ranch - 2490 Marshall Road, Medicine Bow, WY

Welcome to Sheep Creek Ranch, which allows hunting access. Sheep Creek Ranch is located 60 miles north, northwest of Laramie, Wyoming. An original 1930’s homestead, Sheep Creek Ranch is nestled in the valley of the sprawling high plains, with ranch elevations that surpass more than 7000 feet. Lush prairie grasses and sagebrush cover the vast landscape without a neighbor in sight, unless you’re a Pronghorn Antelope, prairie dog or an occasional badger.

Sheep Creek Ranch hunting access for both rifle and archery antelope hunting. With very little natural cover, hunting among the numerous antelope herds is both surreal and challenging, even for the most experienced hunter. Statistics show that Albany County has the densest population of Pronghorn Antelope in the country and locals claim extraordinary rainfall produced an abundance of lush grasses and grazing for an unprecedented antelope population, sure to provide a large assortment of trophy Pronghorns.

Sheep Creek Ranch provides hunting access only. Hunters must provide their own food and lodging (i.e. tents or campers). Hunters are responsible for acquiring their own license prior to booking their hunt. The typical antelope season runs five weeks from end of September through October. Sheep Creek allows ten hunters on the ranch per week. Please keep this in mind and book early.

Sheep Creek Ranch is located in a remote valley, with limited access. Please be advised that a four-wheel drive vehicle is recommended for transportation in and out of the ranch.

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